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''I have worked with Jenny for nearly two decades and greatly admire her uncanny ability to help leaders to raise their game.''

Nigel Whitehead formerly Group Managing Director BAE Systems

What to expect from me: Quote

What to expect from me

Trusted Advisor: Business Mentor: Executive Coach

I am an insightful and savvy business leader who has worked in and around organisations of all shapes and sizes giving support and feedback to hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs and professionals. My career with BAE Systems and my recent client work with Qinetiq, MKF, Be the Business and the University of Bath mean that I understand the politics and subtleties of complex organisations and how to navigate those successfully. 

As an expert in Human Resources I have a deep knowledge and understanding of people, teams and organisations and what makes them exceptional; through our conversations we will share insights and practical solutions to get the best from you and your teams.

Working with me is fun, challenging and informal. I believe that you have within you the answers to your personal and professional challenges and my role is to help you to surface those answers and help you to make them a reality: coaching is an enabler of change.

As a qualified coach-mentor I work within the global code of ethics for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council which emphasises confidentiality and the integrity of the relationship between the coach and client.

Individuals identify many issues, opportunities and challenges in a coaching relationship; after many hours of coaching conversations my belief is that there are three core outcomes that effective coaching can deliver:

Confidence: self belief, self knowledge and personal resilience
Clarity: vision, purpose and actionable goals

Commitment: the will and ambition to do things differently 

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About our sessions

Coaching and Mentoring sessions normally take place using zoom, teams or by phone. I always like to start by having a free, informal discussion where we can find out a bit more about each other and to make sure that we can work together in a way that will meet your needs.
After that, a typical session will last for 60-90 minutes and will give you the opportunity to work on challenges, opportunities or issues that are impacting you, your team or your business. Focusing on actions and outcomes is an important part of our sessions and I will ask you to update me on your progress! Most clients find that a series of six sessions is ideal, but flexibility is an integral part of our work to ensure that you get time when you need it.

What to expect from me: About Me
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