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   Jenny Cridland at Wise Words

Jenny’s background is in a demanding business environment where the performance of individuals and teams meant the difference between business success or failure.

Nigel Whitehead formerly Group MD BAE Systems

My corporate experience has been focused on working with Engineering, Project Management and Human Resource leaders in complex, global high tech companies. I bring this expertise into all my coaching and mentoring sessions providing challenge and commercial insights into our discussions.

As the Talent lead for a FSTE 25 organisation I know what it takes to succeed in business.  One of the things that I love about coaching and mentoring is working with people that want something different from their careers and personal life. Working with you to identify your goals, being at your side as you experiment and learn and sharing your hopes, fears, successes and opportunities along the way.

My knowledge and expertise in developing productive people, teams and organisations will enrich our discussions and expand your thinking.

My aim is to have fun, make a difference and help you to improve your performance: why not get in touch for a chat ?

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Taking Notes

Get the Most out of Work

Are you struggling with self belief? Is imposter syndrome holding you back? Are you fulfilling your aspirations? Many of my clients say that they lack the confidence to get what they really want for themselves, their teams or their organisation. Through our coaching sessions we can work through the challenges that are holding you back and develop your self-resilience.


Professional Growth

Aspirations and Goals

What do you want from your career? What is your vision and underlying purpose? What are your longer term goals and aspirations and more importantly how will you achieve them? Do you have the work/life balance that you desire? The focus of our reviews will help you to make incremental progress to fulfilling your ambitions and moving blocks to progress through identifying actionable goals.


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Lasting change

Changing how we think about ourselves, how we do things and achieving lasting change is a challenge for many professionals. How can you develop the will and ambition to do things differently? Learn tools and techniques that you can use to make a difference to your performance. Work through specific areas that you would like to change or adapt. Create new habits and make them stick. The focus of our work will help you to make progress by identifying tangible and stretching goals.

Wise Words : Services
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’At the risk of sounding over the top it has honestly been rather life-changing!’

Hannah Project Lead Be the Business

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