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Consultancy Services: Welcome

Consultancy Services

I have seen Jenny work her magic with individuals, small organisations and massive organisations with thousands of leaders benefiting from the training and coaching systems that she put in place.

Nigel Whitehead formerly Group MD BAE Systems

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Talent Management

Advising on best practice solutions for recruitment and retention of the people that are essential to the success of your business. Thinking about the pipeline of talent for your organisation and how to make it robust and fit for purpose. Designing coaching and mentoring solutions to develop teams and leaders.

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Leadership Development

Design and implementation of bespoke programmes to improve leadership effectiveness in your organisation. Whether you need virtual interactive workshops or large scale interventions I have insights and expertise on what works and how to measure impact.

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Employee Engagement

Boosting productivity and performance of individuals, teams and the business. How do you engage your teams and get them excited about the organisation and the future?


Career Coaching Session

Not sure what to do next? Lost touch with what makes your heart sing? Spend time reflecting on your options with an expert to guide you

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How to guides and handbooks

Best practice guides written for your team and tailored to your needs. Interactive, informative and engaging content for you and your team.

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Research and Insights

Need some expert help to provide thought leadership and new insights into a people challenge within your business?

Consultancy Services: Services
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